Helping you move beyond stress, sadness, and worry

We provide research-supported assessment and therapy services with warmth and attention to your background and values, with the shared goal of helping you understand and overcome your symptoms.

Services are available for individuals in South Carolina and PSYPACT Participating States.

Dr. Carole Swiecicki,
Licensed Psychologist In South Carolina

Experiencing stress, trauma, and/or loss – and feelings of anxiety and depression – is disruptive and overwhelming. These can impact our learning, relationships, emotions and behaviors. Our goal is to lessen the impact of these experiences through providing 1) comprehensive psychological assessments to identify needs and challenges, 2) therapy services, and 3) training/consultation for therapists.

We are fully trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy with programs that are grounded in science.  Our founder, Dr. Carole Swiecicki, is a national trainer in two best-practice therapies for individuals who have experienced trauma.

Areas of specialty include psychological assessment and treatment for anxiety, depression, PTSD and other reactions to life stresses, including infertility and reproductive loss.

Areas Of Expertise

We specialize in ​assessing and treating problems that arise after experiencing life stressors, trauma, and/or loss. Our founder, Dr. Carole Swiecicki, is a national expert and trainer in evidence-based treatment for overcoming traumatic stress.  

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You can move beyond trauma, loss, and life stressors.